Pricing and Payment Terms

We may update or alter the Pricing and Payment Terms at any time and changes will be effective and binding on you on the date thirty days from posting, as described in the NOOK Press Terms & Conditions

The Publisher will select a List Price for each NOOK® Book.

The Publisher will be paid a royalty off the List Price:



List Price -- Royalty Rate



$0.99 - $2.98 -- 40%

$2.99 - $9.99 -- 65%

$10.00 - $199.99 -- 40%


Publisher will, at all times, ensure that the NOOK Book List Price:


1.    Is no greater than the eBook's List Price at any other retailer, website or sales channel.

2.    Is no greater than the eBook's print edition (if applicable).

3.    Complies with the minimum and maximum pricing policy as stated above.


Sample royalty calculation:


1.    List Price: $9.99 - Publisher Royalty: $6.49

2.    List Price: $20.00 - Publisher Royalty: $8.00