When will I get paid for the NOOK Books that I have sold?


In most cases, you will be paid 60 days after the close of the calendar month during which a sale occurs if the Total Royalty for that month is greater than $10/£10/€10, according to your payment currency. For example, a June payment would be for sales made during April, a July payment would be sales made during May, an August payment would be for sales made during June, etc. There is a $10/£10/€10 earned royalty minimum required to issue a payment, so if the total earned royalty for any one month is less than $10/£10/€10, that amount will be carried over to the next month. For more details, see our Terms & Conditions. Please make sure the banking information you have entered in your vendor account is accurate and up-to-date so that the payments we attempt are successful.