NOOK Press Payment Reports


Once you start seeing sales of your NOOK Books, you’ll want to track your royalty payment information! You can access your payment reports directly from your Sales page under the Payments section. Here you will find all of the payments that have been made to the bank account you entered in your Vendor account information. Remember that according to the Pricing and Payment Terms, you will be issued a payment a) when you have accrued a minimum of $10 in royalties, AND b) 60 days after the close of the calendar month in which the sale occurs (i.e. your October payment will be for your August sales).  Once you have received a payment, you can see the details by clicking on the Payment ID in the Payments section of the Sales page. Your report will display the following information:


·   BN Identifier: This column shows the 13-digit identifier that NOOK assigned to your NOOK Book.
·   Publisher's ISBN: If you entered an ISBN for your NOOK Book in the NOOK Book Details, that ISBN will be shown in this column.
·   Title: This column shows the NOOK Book title that you entered in the NOOK Book Details.
·   Country of Sale: This column lists where the sale occurred.
·   List Price: This column shows the List Price you entered for your NOOK Book in the selling currency. If you have sold copies of your NOOK Book in multiple countries in the same day, you will see two lines for your NOOK Book - one for each currency. If you changed your List Price and customers made purchases at both List Prices, then you will see multiple lines for your NOOK Book --one line at each List Price. If the NOOK Book was purchased as a regular sale, the List Price shown ties back to the Date of Sale column. If the NOOK Book was an eGifted NOOK Book redemption, the List Price ties back to the Date of eGift column. In this case, the List Price and the Date of eGift are shown in bold as a visual cue within your Sales Reporting.
·   Unit Royalty: The amount of money you are due for each sale of a particular NOOK Book at a particular List Price in the selling currency. This royalty is calculated based on our Payment and Pricing Terms.
·   Units Sold: This column shows the net unit sales (units sold minus units returned) for each NOOK Book.
·   Total Royalty: The total amount of money earned by each NOOK® Book each day in your payment currency Total Royalty is equivalent to the Units Sold multiplied by the Unit Royalty.

You may also see the following information on your sales reports depending on your location: