Monthly Sales Report


Clicking Monthly Sales Reports will bring you to your Monthly Sales page, where you can find all of your past sales history broken down by month. The current month of sales will be displayed. To access other months, select the month and year from the drop-down menu and hit Go. Your sales report will appear, and you can sort the columns by clicking on the column headings. You can also download the detailed reports as an Excel file.  Your report displays the following information:

·       Date of Sale: This is the date on which your NOOK Book was sold during a regular sale. However, if there is a date listed in the Date of eGift column to the right, it means a customer chose to give your NOOK Book as an eGift. In this case, the Date of Sale column reflects the date the recipient redeemed their eGifted NOOK Book.

·       Date of eGift: There will only be a date in this column if a customer chose to give your NOOK Book as an eGift AND the recipient chose to redeem it. Date of eGift is the date your NOOK Book was initially eGifted to a recipient. eGifted NOOK Books will only appear in your reporting if the eGift has been redeemed.

·       B&N Identifier: The 13-digit identifier that NOOK assigned to your NOOK Book. 

·       Publisher's ISBN: If you entered an ISBN on the Project’s Title & Description page, that ISBN will be displayed in this column.

·       Title: This is the title that you chose for your NOOK Book in the NOOK Book Details section.

·       Publisher: The Publisher you entered on the Project’s Title and Description page.

·       Country of Sale: This column lists where the sale occurred.

·       List Price: This column shows the List Price you entered for your NOOK Book in the selling currency. If you have sold copies of your NOOK Book in multiple countries in the same day, you will see two lines for your NOOK Book - one for each currency. If you changed your List Price and customers made purchases at both List Prices, then you will see multiple lines for your NOOK Book --one line at each List Price. If the NOOK Book was purchased as a regular sale, the List Price shown ties back to the Date of Sale column. If the NOOK Book was an eGifted NOOK Book redemption, the List Price ties back to the Date of eGift column. In this case, the List Price and the Date of eGift are shown in bold as a visual cue within your Sales Reporting.

·       Unit Royalty: The amount of money you are due for each sale of a particular NOOK Book at a particular List Price in the selling currency. This royalty is calculated based on our Payment and Pricing Terms.

·       Units Sold: The number of NOOK Book sold each day.

·       Units Ret’d: The number of NOOK Books returned by customers each day.

·       Net Unit: The number of NOOK Books sold minus NOOK Books returned for each day.

·       Total Royalty: The total amount of money earned by each NOOK Book each day in your payment currency. Net Unit multiplied by Unit Royalty equals Total Royalty.


You may also see the following information on your sales reports depending on your location:


·       Author: The first Contributor that you entered on the Project’s Title and Description page.

·       Royalty %: This is the percentage of each sale that you will make based on the List Price that you have set. This royalty rate is calculated based on our Payment and Pricing Terms

·       Withholding Rate: The percentage that US tax law requires Barnes & Noble to withhold for payments by a US company to a non-US person. For more information, see Tax Information: Non-US Publishers.

·       Total Royalty After Withholding: The amount that you have earned in your payment currency.