Title & Description


Title: This is where you enter the NOOK Book’s title that will be displayed on the customer product page. If the title of your NOOK Book is different from the Project Name, enter the title here. If your NOOK Book has a title and a subtitle, enter them in the title field separated by a colon, i.e: Title: Subtitle.

Publication Date: This field defaults to today. If you wish to specify a different date, enter the date that you want displayed as your NOOK Book's date of publication. The publication date must be between 1/1/1500 and today's date.

Publisher: This field by default contains the publisher name you submitted during the NOOK Press registration process. You can change the publisher name for each Project if you wish. You can also use your forename and surname, or create a new name as the NOOK Book publisher if you are not publishing your NOOK Book on behalf of another company.

Contributors: Enter the Forename and Surname of any contributors to your Project. You can add up to five contributors per Project by clicking the "+" button. Select the role of each contributor from the following: 

Description: The description is a brief summary of the contents of your Manuscript that will appear on your NOOK Book's customer product page on BN.com and NOOK.co.uk. Make sure you include information on the story and characters, but do not give away plot-spoiling details.


Your product description must adhere to our Content Policy, which prohibits inclusion of the following information: 

About the Author(s): In the About the Author(s) text field, you can provide additional information about the author or authors of your Manuscript. As with the Description, your About the Author(s) must comply with our Content Policy.
Do you have an eBook-specific ISBN?: An ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies published books worldwide. ISBN stands for the International Standard Book Number. You do NOT need an ISBN to sell your NOOK Book through NOOK Press. If you don't have an ISBN, click "No".


If you have purchased a 10-digit ISBN that you'd like to use, please first convert it to a 13-digit number using a service like http://www.isbn.org/converterpub.asp before entering it. If you have an ISBN for another eBook edition of your NOOK Book, you cannot use that ISBN here as well. Also, if you have an ISBN for your NOOK Book's print edition or print-on-demand edition, you cannot use that ISBN here. The ISBN you enter here must specifically be for this NOOK Book edition only.


NOOK will always assign our own internal 13-digit identifier to your NOOK Book. This internal identifier will display as the "BN ID" in the Product Details section of your NOOK Book's customer product page. If you submit your own ISBN, all of your sales and payment reporting will reference both the BN ID we created AND the ISBN you provided.