Sharing NOOK Books with LendMe™ Technology

Only NOOK offers customers the ability to share NOOK Books with friends through its breakthrough LendMe™ technology. Customers can share LendMe-eligible NOOK Books once, for up to 14 days. Customers can send a lend offer and a personal message about the NOOK Book they are offering to any friend's email address. The lend offer is available for 7 days and can be accepted or declined on a NOOK device or online.

The recipient can easily download the NOOK Book to their NOOK device or on a computing or mobile device enabled with free NOOK eReading software. While the NOOK Book is with the recipient, the customer who shared the title will not have access to it. All NOOK Books offered via NOOK Press will be eligible for sharing through the LendMe programme and noted with the LendMe icon