Rights and Pricing Page: Sales Territory Rights


Note: In order to fill out this section, you must have set your country in the Payment & Tax Information section of your Vendor Account.


Sales Territory Rights


Publishers who distribute their NOOK Books through NOOK Press must have the right to do so. Select "Worldwide Sales Rights" if you have the right to make your content available in all countries. If not, select the second option to sell in your country only (i.e. “United States Only”. If you hold copyright on your content, you automatically retain Worldwide Sales Rights. If the content you intend to publish has been licensed from a third party, your rights would reflect the agreement made with that person or company. If you have any questions about your rights, we encourage you to consult your legal advisor.


List Price

The List Price is the price that you set for your NOOK Book in each currency in which NOOK Books are sold. You will be paid based on this List Price, and customers will see it displayed on the customer product page as the Price. When you enter the List Price in your currency, the remaining currency fields are auto-populated with their equivalent based on the daily exchange rate. You may also manually enter List Prices in other currencies by un-ticking the box next to "Convert currencies based on my List Price". For more about the List Price, visit our Payment and Pricing Terms.