Projects Page

The Projects page is the main screen that you will be taken to each time you log in to NOOK Press. You can also reach it at any time by clicking the NOOK Press logo at the top right-hand side of NOOK Press.

This page lists all of the projects that you have in NOOK Press, including the ones that you have been invited to collaborate on.

To see only projects that you have created, click My Projects Only under Project Owners.

You can also sort your projects by the following statuses under Project Status:

All: All of the Projects you have created or are a Collaborator on
In Progress: Projects that you have started, but have not yet put On Sale
On Sale: Projects that you have published as NOOK Books and are currently live in the NOOK Bookstore
Off Sale: Projects that you had published as NOOK Books, but are currently NOT live in the NOOK Bookstore

Each Project that you have will appear on this page, and you can also search for your projects by name using the Search button at the top right-hand side of the screen.

The following information will appear for each of your projects:

Cover: This is your cover image. If you have uploaded a cover image, it will appear here. If not, there will be a default thumbnail that appears here. Click on the cover image thumbnail to be taken to the Cover Image page. You must include a cover image in order to publish your Project.

Project Name: This is the name of your project. Clicking on the name will take you inside the Project. To change your Project Name, go into your Project and click on the pencil icon next to the Project Name.

Manuscript: This column will take you to your Manuscript page. For Projects where you have not yet started a Manuscript, this column will say Add Manuscript. For Projects where you have already created a Manuscript, but have not yet published it, this column will say Update Manuscript. For Projects on which you are a Collaborator, this column will say View Manuscript.

NOOK Book Details: This column will take you to your NOOK Book Details. If you have not started or finished filling in your NOOK Book Details, this column will say Set Details.  If your NOOK Book Details are complete, this column will display Change Details.

List Price: This is the List Price in your main currency that you have set for your NOOK Book . Clicking here will take you to the Rights & Pricing section of your NOOK Book Details, where you can update the List Price.

Publish Action: This column allows you to put a NOOK Book on sale or remove it from sale. If your Project is ready to publish and you are an active vendor, this column will say Publish.  If your NOOK Book is on sale, this column will say Take Off Sale. If your NOOK Book was previously on sale but you have taken it off sale, this column will say Put On Sale. This column will be blank if you the Project is one that you are a Collaborator on.

Delete: This column allows you to delete Projects that have not been put on sale yet. Click the dustbin to delete a Project, but keep in mind that this action cannot be undone! Projects that have been put on sale or that have synced from PubIt! are not able to be deleted.