Inviting Collaborators


With NOOK Press, you can invite your friends, editors and beta readers to read and comment on your Manuscript before publishing. These collaborators will have read-only access to only the project you invite them to, and can read, preview and add comments on a chapter level. They will not be able to edit your Manuscript or any part of the Project, or access other Projects that you have not invited them to.


To invite a Collaborator, click on Invite Collaborators from your Project’s Manuscript page. Under the Invite a New Collaborator section, enter the name, email address and optional message to the person that you would like to invite to collaborate, and click Send Invitation. An email will be sent to the email address you entered and the user will be asked to log in and accept your invitation if they are already a NOOK Press user, or they will have the opportunity to accept the invitation and sign up for an account. Once a Collaborator has accepted your invitation, they will appear under the Collaborators section on the Invite Collaborators page. You can view all pending invitations that you have sent for each Project under Pending Invitations.


After accepting your invitation and logging in, Collaborators will be able to read and comment on your Manuscript on a chapter level. You will receive a Notification in NOOK Press when a Collaborator leaves a comment with the chapter location included. To read these comments, go to your Manuscript Editor and click to expand the chapter where the comment is located. The comments will appear in the Comments section on the right-hand side of the screen (you may need to expand this section by clicking the arrow next to Comments).


You can respond to the comments by adding your own, and you can delete comments that you no longer wish to see.


After you have published your Project as a NOOK Book, Collaborators will no longer have access to your Manuscript.


Note: Collaborators have the ability to copy and paste the text in your Manuscript. For this reason, please make sure that you are inviting Collaborators that you trust!