I have an ISBN. How will NOOK Press handle it if I choose to use it?


If you have an ISBN that you purchased specifically for your NOOK Book, please enter that 13-digit number (without hyphens) on the Title & Description page. NOOK will always assign our own internal 13-digit identifier to your NOOK Book. This internal identifier will display as the "BN ID" in the Product Details section of your NOOK Book's customer product page. If you submit your own ISBN, all of your sales and payment reporting will reference both the BN ID we created AND the ISBN you provided.

If you have purchased a 10-digit ISBN that you'd like to use, please convert it to a 13-digit number first using a service such as www.isbn.org/converterpub.asp before entering it. If you have an ISBN for another eBook edition of your NOOK Book, you cannot use that ISBN here. Also, if you have an ISBN for your NOOK Book's print edition or print-on-demand edition, you cannot use that ISBN here. The ISBN you enter here must specifically be for this NOOK Book edition only.