How to get NOOK Book Reviews

Traditional reviews can be a challenge for the self-published author, but here are some effective alternatives:

1. Use customer reviews
The NOOK customer review system is a great way to get reader feedback while allowing potential readers to see what others liked about your book. Our star rating system makes it easy for readers to give your NOOK Book a boost. Make sure you mention great feedback on your blog, Facebook page or website. 

2. Contact book bloggers
Book bloggers offer an online venue for review. Start by seeing where other self-published authors have been reviewed and send the blogger a note offering a free copy of your NOOK Book and your interest in being reviewed. 

3. Collect blurbs
Ask fellow writers in your genre to read your NOOK Book and provide a testimonial quote. If you aren't part of a writing group or class, find fellow writers on the PubIt! Facebook page, or on message boards and forums. Collect quotes before you publish, and include these quotes in your product details when you launch. 

4. Reach out to reading groups
You probably have a friend or family member who is part of a reading group. Offer a free copy of your NOOK Book to reading group members in exchange for a quote or "review". You can also offer to meet with the group to hear reader reaction to your work and answer any questions they may have. Posting their review quotes also lets other reading groups know that your work is a good fit for a group discussion. 

5. Contact review sites
There are several review sites that will review your NOOK Book for a fee. While we do not make specific recommendations, you can easily find these sites through searches.