Adding a Cover Image


Cover image specifications:


Your cover image must be a .jpg or .png file with a file size between 5 KB and 2 MB, and the height and width must be at least 750 pixels. However, for optimum quality, we recommend that both the height and width must each be at least 1400 pixels.


Your Cover Image Page allows you to manage your cover image. If you have not yet uploaded a cover image, you can do so by following these instructions:


1.    Click Choose a file to upload
2.    Select your cover image file from your computer and click Open
3.    Choose whether you would like the cover image added to your Manuscript in addition to being displayed on the NOOK Book product page
4.    Click Upload Cover Image


To crop your cover image:


1.    Once your cover image is uploaded successfully, click Crop Original Image
4.    Click and drag to choose a crop area. You can also move the crop area around by clicking in the middle of it
5.    Preview your cover image on the right-hand side under Crop Preview. This is how your cover image will appear on NOOK.
6.    Once you have the desired cover image, click Crop Cover Image


To re-crop the cover image, click Crop Original Image. To upload a new cover image, select Upload a New Cover Image. To delete the cover image that you uploaded, click the tickbox that says "Remove Uploaded Cover Image".